Construction of Turkey- Palestine friendship hospital in Gaza

Client: AKER
Owner: Islamic University of Gaza

In June, 2011, Saqqa & Khoudary started the construction of the largest single-site hospital in the country. The hospital was built on a total land area of 35,000 m2, with a capacity of 115 patient beds.
The works include construction and finishing of all hospital’s reinforced concrete buildings, retaining structures, boundary walls, water tank, electro-mechanical works and equipping the hospital. Heavy electro-mechanical installations include heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, chillers, fan coil units, transformers, 4 MW synchronised generators, transformers, medical gases and equipments. The project also include all infrastructure required to operate the hospital including water supply production, storage and distribution system, sewage collection system, roads, power and tele-communication. The hospital delivery is planned to take place in mid of 2015.

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