Mechanical and Electrical Refurbishment and Upgrading Installations of CMWU Water and Wastewater Facilities in Gaza Strip

Client: ICRC    
Saqqa & Khoudary started the implementation of this multi-site project (10 sites) in May 2014. The project includes drilling and digging a range of water wells, supplying and installing brackish water RO membranes, vertical turbine water pumping sets, steel-well head water pumping manifolds, multistage vertical turbine water booster pumps, 12''-18'' steel pipes, and electrical switchboards for various water wells and water supply facilities.  In addition, the contract includes supplying and installing Chlorine Disinfection/Dosing system, air release, water cooling and non-return check valves, metering and changeover panel for the Eastern Desalination Plant in Khan Younis.   The sewerage work packages include supplying and installing SS screens, bio-tower control panel, sewerage submersible pumping units, carry out complete mechanical overhauling and repairs of 12'' gate valve, sluice gates, wastewater submersible pump for a range of pumping stations, and supplying to CMWU stores mobile wastewater trash centrifugal pump, a set of KSB mechanical seal, wastewater suction hose, set of rings et.   The contract scope also includes supplying diesel generators as well as some civil works.  

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