Construction of Wastewater Pump Station #11 in Gaza City

Client: QRC 
Owner: Municipality of Gaza
In December 2014, Saqqa & Khoudary won the multi-million contract for the design review and construction of the largest sewage pumping station in the country. The project includes 15m-deep bulk excavation works, underwater excavation and concrete works, reinforced concrete structure (bar screen chamber, wet/dry wells etc.), service building, boundary wall, roads and landscaping; mechanical works such as sluice gates, manual and automatic bar screens, submersible pumps, gate and check valves, surge tank, movable bridge, odour removal; electrical works such as transformers, 1400 KVA generators, cables, control, lighting, instrumentations etc. The contract also includes the construction of the 2,600m 900mm-GRP force main from PS 11 to the Sheikh Ejleen wastewater treatment plant

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