Wastewater and Storm water Collection Systems

SAK has significant experience in the world of sewage and storm water collection and treatment projects. These projects include treatment plants, infiltration basins, ponds, effluent pumping stations, storm water reservoirs, gravity and pressure sewer lines etc.

Pipelines With a rich history in pipelines construction, SAK is bringing cutting-edge technology to the pipeline industry. More than 500 KM of pipelines with diameters ranging from 200mm to 2000 mm, and the following materials show SAK's diverse experience:

  1.  Steel and ductile iron welded pipes
  2.  UPVC and PVC plastic pipes
  3. GRP and PPR pipes
  4.  HDPE welded pipes¬∑    
  5.  Concrete 
We own and operate a world-renowned and the sole trencher in the country. This trencher provides significant advantages over typical trenching methods. This includes significantly higher productivity and speed, more accurate alignment etc. Its productivity is 1500 m/day in soft rock and drops to 100m/day in hard rock. In addition, we continuously train and develop our technicians and engineers in this field.

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