Almat'haf Hotel

  • Year of Foundation : 2008
  • General manager :Jawdat Khoudary
  • Company Address :Gaza, Alsodanya, Al-Rasheed St.
  • Number of employees :18
On a small hill overlooking the Mediterranean Sea in Gaza stands “Al-Mathaf” (Arabic for “The Museum”, pronounced Al-Mat-Haf), a one-of-a-kind Hotel and cultural center that showcases Gaza’s rich historical past and seamlessly blends it into the context of life in modern Gaza. Al-Mathaf Hotel is designed using local and traditional spirit of Gaza, the Hotel have around 34 luxurious and spacious guest Suites and Rooms all with a Mediterranean view, all furnished to ensure having a comfortable accommodation during you stay. Your visit to Al-Mathaf will expose you not only to the rich cultural heritage of Gaza but also to the warm hospitality, beautiful scenery and outstanding service that characterizes the spirit of Al-Mathaf. It is this spirit that will leave its mark on you and have you reflecting on the saying of the late Mahmoud Darwish, “We have on this earth what makes life worth living.”

Visits: 3627